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We are a Hong Kong based software solution provider. Specialized in Video on Demand, Digital TV, Full-text Search, Scalable web application, and Mobile Computing, we pursue bringing maximum value of state-of-the-art information technology to our clients.

Peer Intelligence Technology Limited (PITech) is founded in July 2002 in Hong Kong. We were a member company of the Incu-Tech Programme of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation. During the incubation period, we got the research grant from Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme (SERAP) managed by Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR Government for delivering Linux based Video-on-demand platform. In the R&D phase, PIT has developed a Karaoke-on-demand platform and sucessfully deployed to a leading karaoke chain in Hong Kong and Malaysia. We successfully graduated from the Incu-Tech Programme at the end of 2005.

Since then, we work with organizations of public and private sectors to provide wide range of software solution for document management, mobile application, and video-on-demand solutions.

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