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GOD3 system is built on top of Game On Demand System. It is customized for Hospital use. Besides game sharing, it also provides the web-browsing with limited features through Set-Top Box. For the registered users, their web-browsing profile will also store at server side, so that they can ease to access their personal data through another Set-Top Box. End-user can also access Hospital Information via GOD3. Email service will also provide for every registered users.

Game On Demand (GOD) is a thin-client system running on Xplore STB Set-Top Box. GOD Server is a J2EE complaints web application, which can serve multiple sessions of clients running X-Windows based Application and can provide the control of the concurrent connection. Game content provider can upload Flash or Java Applet Game via GMS which is also a J2EE complaints web application so that the game can be shared to client on demand.

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