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We are a independent software solution provider, providing full range of software development service.

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Recent Works

Mobile eLAPS Application

Mobile eLAPS Application (MEA) is a J2EE compliant web application, which serves as a front end to enable access to the HKSARG’s eLAPS application for mobile devices.

The application makes use of the Pi-Mobile transcoding engine to detect and adapt the mobile device automatically. With the content extract architecture, we are able to extract the web pages from eLAPS system, even for dynamic pages with complex JavaScript. Hence the MEA server does not need to couple with the business knowledge about the system behind (i.e. the eLAPS).


Multi-Language Dictionary Content Extraction and Index Builder

Multi-Language Dictionary Content Extraction and Index Builder is a Java-based application to extract web content of pre-defined headwords and build the index for the Portable Learning Machine. A corresponding C++ search engine is also developed for the Portable Learning Machine use.


California-Red Bluetooth Song Selection

PITHK has designed and developed the world first Bluetooth Song Selection System on Mobile phones inside 18 shops of California Red, a major Karaoke chain in Hong Kong. With over 1000 Bluetooth gateways, based on PITHK developed Bluetooth Community Network Infrastructure, customers can use mobile phones with J2ME or Symbian 9.1v3 and Bluetooth support to access to the Karaoke song database to select favourite songs with full-text search, selecting songs before entering into Karaoke room, checking bill, and Interactive gaming.


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